JSC Routine 2020 – jdc routine all board

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JSC Exam all board Routine – 2020

Junior School Certificate examination, shortly known as the JSC exam is now the first public exam in any student’s life. This exam takes place every year. When a student is in class 8, passing in this exam is for him/ her for promoting it into the next class. JSC examination occurs in the first week of November every year. This year it will be the 10th edition of the JSC examination. Last year, the exam started on the 2nd of November & finished on the 19th of November. Here is the JSC Routine of the last year’s examination-

JSC Routine and jdc routine

সময় সকাল ১০ – দুপুর ১ টা
বিষয় কোড তারিখ ও দিন
১/ বাংলা                ১০১           ০২/১১/২০১৯
১/ ইংরেজি                ১০৭           ০৪/১১/২০১৯
১/ তথ্য ও যোগাযোগ প্রযুক্তি                ১৫৪           ০৫/১১/২০১৯
১/ ইসলাম ও নৈতিক শিক্ষা
২/ হিন্ধু ধর্ম ও নৈতিক শিক্ষা
৩/ বৌদ্ধ ধর্ম ও নৈতিক শিক্ষা
৪/ খ্রিস্ট ধর্ম ও নৈতিক শিক্ষা
১/ বাংলাদেশ ও বিশ্ব পরিচয়               ১৫০            ০৭/১১/২০১৯
১/ গনিত               ১০৯            ০৯/১১/২০১৯
১/ বিজ্ঞান               ১২৭             ১১/১১/২০১৯

The exam was scheduled to end on 11th November, but due to some unwanted issues the exam rescheduled to end on 19th November. The rescheduled routine is –

        বোর্ড        বিষয়       বিষয় কোড    পূর্ব নির্ধারিত
পরিবর্তিত তারিখ
  সকল বোর্ড      বিজ্ঞান           ১২৭     ১১/১১/২০১৯
  সকল বোর্ড      গনিত           ১০৯     ০৯/১১/২০১৯


This JSC examination controlled by 9 different educational boards controlled by the central education board. The question is different in each & every board but the pattern remains the same. Answer sheets checked board wise. And the resulting process is also done by the boards. But the whole process is done under the Central Education Board. Each & every board has the board committee of their own and each board has the chairman of that committee. The central board also has a committee and the chairman of the central board considered as the head of the Education Board. The 9 different boards are –

JSC Routine 2020

  1. Dhaka Education Board
  2. Chattogram Education Board
  3. Rajshahi Education Board
  4. Cumilla Education Board
  5. Sylhet Education Board
  6. Barishal Education Board
  7. Jashore Education Board
  8. Dinajpur Education Board
  9. Mymensingh Education Board
  10. Technical Education Board


  1. Dhaka Education Board:

Dhaka board controls the total exam process in the middle region of the country. All the students in this area give an exam on the same question on the same date under the Dhaka Board authority. This board has the largest number of examines & the most number of institutes.


  1. Chattogram Education Board:

Chattogram Board controls the whole examination process of the students who are from Chattogram & the educational institutes of Chattogram. This board has the educational controlling power of southeast Bangladesh.


  1. Rajshahi Education Board:

Rajshahi is the biggest city in western Bangladesh. This is also called the “City of Education”. Rajshahi Board has the superior power for all the public exam in the western part. From making questions to making results this board has the full authority of the JSC exam in this region.


  1. Cumilla Education Board:

Cumilla Board holds the power of being the commandant of the exams in this part. This board supervises the examination that takes place in the eastern part of this country and also the resulting process.


  1. Sylhet Education Board:

Sylhet is the city that situated in the northeast part of Bangladesh. This education board controls the total exam process in this northeast region of the country. All the students in this area take part in the exam under this board.


  1. Barishal Education Board:

Barishal considered the capital of southern Bangladesh. The students and the institutes in this part of the country sit on the examination under the command of this board.


  1. Jashore Education Board:

Jashore is one of the oldest cities in Bangladesh. It situated in southwest Bangladesh. The examines and the institutions of this region take part in the JSC examination under the surveillance of this Jashore board.


  1. Dinajpur Education Board:

Dinajpur board is in the north most educational board of Bangladesh. Dinajpur Board has the superior power for the whole JSC examination process in this region. Making questions from preparing results in this part, this board has the total authority of it.


  1. Mymensingh Education Board:

Mymensingh Board was a part of the Dhaka Board. Last year this has separated from Dhaka Board and named as the 9th education board of Bangladesh. It has some parts of both from the middle & north of Bangladesh. This board has the authority to take exams in this region.


  1. Technical Board:

The technical board has no regional limitations. This board is actually for non – regular students and some syllabus of this board are the same as normal but some are different. But the exam occurs on the same day as others.

Junior School Certificate examination will happen this year as well as it happened last year and in the last 8 years as well. The exam occurs on the same day all over the country in all the 10 boards. The JSC exam this year will approximately happen in November as usual. The duration of this exam is 10-15 days.

This year will also be no different hopefully. Last year, there was some natural disaster problem during the time of the exam. For that reason, the exam delayed a bit. But this year, we can hope that the exam will start at the right predicted time and will also finish at the right time as predicted. The JSC Routine 2020 has not published yet from the Educational Ministry.

The JSC Routine usually publishes a month before the exam starts. This year, we hope to get the routine as soon as it gets published from the educational ministry. The routine will be available on the website of the education board. We hope that the routine will not be scary for the students, but will be very good for their study and also be beneficial for their exam preparation.


If the routine changes, unfortunately, that changed routine will be available on that website as well. The website address of the educational board is www.edu.gov.bd . Hopefully, the routine will be available at this address. I hope to have a neat and clean Junior School Certificate Examination this year without any obstacles and any problems. Best wishes to all the students who will attend this year’s JSC exam.



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